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Handcrafted with thought and care, because jewelry is always a gift, whether it's for someone you care about or to yourself.

I have loved jewelry, gemstones and travel all my life. I have made jewelry for myself and friends, for as long as I can remember, but never had the confidence to put my creations out there for sale, until 2011 at the urging of my husband and friends. Here's a little bit of history....
After high school I completed certification in jewelry repair and fabrication. I was then fortunate enough to receive a scholarship for the Gemology program at the Gemological Institute of America, in Carlsbad, California and become a Graduate Gemologist. I learned more than I ever dreamed about gemstones and I still try to keep up on new info.

I worked full time in the jewelry industry through my schooling and beyond for about 15 years. I have done everything from sorting gemstones for mass wholesale jewelry productions, to managing a store and appraising jewelry. The things I've learned along the way from not only people in the jewelry business but customers, and what jewelry means to all of us has really impacted how I make jewelry. I'll always strive to do my best, because jewelry is always a gift, whether it's for someone you care about or to yourself because you deserve it.

When you purchase a piece from Maggie B's, you can be sure that you’re getting quality handcrafted jewelry. Making my own jewelry is a dream come true for me and I really hope to make my customers happy.

Thank you for checking out my Etsy page! Every item is handmade with care and thought. I hope you love my creations, I sure did enjoy making them!

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